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Part of the Caribbean “Rim of Fire”, Dominica’s rugged volcanic peaks tower over the rest of the Eastern Caribbean.  Boasting the largest rainforest in the region, lush vegetation blends with dramatic pinnacles, massive waterfalls, and boiling volcanic lakes to provide a prime adventure travel destination.

The scenery below the waves is equally spectacular.  Scuba diving over the stark volcanic seascapes provides a dramatic contrast to the pristine reefs, rife with life.  Volcanic pinnacles rise from the depths, while walls seem to drop to infinity. 

Several popular dive sites lie along an underwater volcanic crater that drops suddenly to depths of over 2000 feet (600m).  Everywhere on these reefs is life.  Only recently “discovered” as a dive destination, these reefs are unlike those seen elsewhere in the Caribbean, with healthy corals, massive sponges an abundance of friendly and approachable sealife.   

Within these pages you will find guides to some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife that the Caribbean has to offer, both above and below the water. 





Annelid worms feed on Dominica Reef

Filter and Suspension Feeders Dominate Dominica's Volcanic Reefs
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